Don’t go to Bali. Is that clear enough or not?

An Australian woman on a Bali beach said that if the government wanted her not to go to Bali then it should have upgraded its warning. There are none so blind, I guess …or deaf… or perhaps drunk.

Our Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, has been warning all Aussies to avoid Indonesia and Bali in particular, but apparently the enticement of cheap drinks, and cheap accommodation is still worth the risk for some people. They are willing to risk getting blown up for the alcohol and the suntan.

So what would happen if the terrorists who are threatening vengeance for the deaths of those smiling murderous jackasses, actually carried out their threats? I don’t think the government of Australia would say “I told you so.” But it would have every right to say it.

As for capital punishment, I don’t agree with it because it brutalises society. I also believe that the terrorists should have spent the rest of their miserable lives in solitary confinement. Perhaps then that would have wiped the smiles off their faces.


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