Verdict on Lawson’s Bread and the latest toaster…sigh

Well, Lawson’s Bread is as good as I remembered it. I hope other people love it too.

For that reason we decided not to put up with the inefficient Sunbeam Toastum that was purchase number four. We wanted a toaster that can fit larger slices and which also doesn’t burn your fingers when you try to remove the toast.

So off we went to good old Chadstone Shopping Mall again (we’ll soon be charged rent there since we spend more time there than at home) and brought a slice of Lawson’s with us so that we could test the replacement toaster.

None of them, not even the very expensive ones had enough space for it. We searched further and finally selected a four slice Ikon by Breville which was the only one that could take the bread and which rose high enough at the end of the procedure.

Choice Magazine should take note of this. I think I’m becoming a reluctant maven on toasters.


One thought on “Verdict on Lawson’s Bread and the latest toaster…sigh

  1. you certainly have too much patience in your search for suitable appliances – this cranky old bird gave up long ago. When we have toasted bread bagel or any thing at all that needs some crisping we use the griller in the oven. This of course results in quite a few burnt offerings – who said anything is perfect!


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