An Australian Curse. May your cable provider be Telstra!

I would have written about the toaster yesterday except for the fact that neither our internet nor our Foxtel was working when we came home from Chadstone Mall.

We spent many hours on the phone to Telstra and Foxtel. We were told that there was an outage in our area. We told them that everyone else in the building had a working reception BUT they maintained that there was an outage and that it would be fixed by 4pm, then 5pm then 8pm, then 9pm and so it went on.

We tried to tell them that earlier in the day a Telstra operative had been mucking around with the cables. Telstra would not listen.

Today, another Telstra technician took a look at our cabling and discovered that our cables had been disconnected so that a new resident could have his connected. Apparently, there weren’t enough cables to go around and so the unscrupulous technician thought it was easier to steal our cables than install new ones.

The mind boggles at the unethical behaviour of one of our biggest companies. I wonder if Sol Trujillo, who heads Telstra, helps himself to someone’s else’s gas tank when he runs out of petrol.

PLEASE NOTE I phoned Telstra just now to complain about what happened to us and was lucky enough to have a sympathetic listener. He said he had never heard of anything like that before and that he would report it to the powers-that-be. He also reimbursed us part of our bill as a goodwill gesture. I demanded an apology from the company and requested that the thieving technician be disciplined. I was told that he would be “coached” which is the term they use in Telstra, apparently, to which I added “Don’t leave any bruises.” lol


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