No to Paid Maternity Leave

Why is it that there is so much discussion about the amount of paid maternity leave when the real issue is if you can’t afford to have a child why are you having one?

I am utterly sick and tired of reading about families doing it tough because there is only one breadwinner in the family. Today’s The Age newspaper has a story about a woman complaing that it is very hard for three people to exist on one income. Well, Melissa Hennessy, you chose to have a child. You should have done the arithmetic first and worked out if you could afford it without the rest of us having to subsidise you.

As for single mothers, it is now proven that children who come from a home with a single mother are at a disadvantage. Nowadays, births can be prevented and if you do not believe in contraception, then don’t have sex.

We worked hard all our lives and it wasn’t so that single mothers could keep popping out children for baby bonuses and other financial support.

Children are completely unproductive for the first two decades of their lives. That’s if they are not still sponging off their parents in their twenties. So if we want to increase the workforce then having babies is the most expensive investment. Babies and children cost money. It’s as simple as that.

According to the Productivity Commission, the cost of paid maternity leave will be around $12, 000 for each working couple. That’s if the baby bonus is taken away. Well, get ready to hear the howls of protests when the plasma bonus is removed. That’s a fortune when you think that after that we will have to support creches, kindergartens and all sorts of other child support handouts. It just never ends.

When I had my sons I stayed home with them until they were ready for kindergarten. We depended on the income of just one breadwinner because we took responsibility for our decision to have children. We did that because we had brought them into the world and it was up to us to make sure that they were not abandoned into the care of strangers. Anyone can have a litter. That’s the easy part. But why must the rest of society pay for a couple’s decision to have a child? Did they consult me to see if I minded supporting their lifestyle? No. Did they ask whether I minded all the cost of IVF and all that artificial interference? No.

So now they want the majority of the population to pay for the selfishness of one sector of the population who want something they can’t afford. Well, gee, I reckon that $12000 for four months would go a long way to alleviating the hardship of pensioners. But this demographic has buckley’s of receiving any more from the government…not while these mothers and babies milk the system dry.

If you are worried about the aging population then increase immigration.


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