Rosden Private Nursing Home is closing down

A Melbourne Nursing Home is going to be closed because it failed a surprise audit by the Federal Government and so its residents will be relocated to other homes. You would think that the families of the 55 residents who had been poorly cared for at this home would be applauding the Government for doing something about the inadequate conditions. But no, the families have begun up a petition to keep the home open.

Why? Well, they say that their aged relatives are happy there, but I suspect that it’s all about the families baulking at the inconvenience of visiting an aged parent somewhere else.

Imagine if a tray containing faeces were found in a nursing home and the government did nothing about it, people would be clamouring for action. This is what was discovered at Rosden and yet the families of those wretches want them to stay put. This is in spite of Rosden having failed 17 of the 44 categories of the audit. Makes you weep at the callousness of some people towards their “loved ones”.


2 thoughts on “Rosden Private Nursing Home is closing down

  1. Lili,
    You are so far from the truth.
    As a family member of a loved one at Rosden, I can truthfully say that the Department got it all wrong. Why don’t you get your facts straight before damning something or someone about the decision not to take them away from Rosden. After speaking to doctors, chemists, and other people who have dealings with Rosden, they all back Rosden not the government. The worst thing the government did was close Rosden down. The so called tray of faeces as you put it was a small smear which could possibly be chocolate from a persons hand.
    Don’t condemn without all the facts. Do you really think for one moment that moving our loved ones to another facility because they were badly looked after would have been an issue if it was true. The main concern of all of us was the care and well being of our family members. Why don’t you print that some of these so called “wretches” as you put it had been there for over 8 years.
    When we decided to put our loved one there we checked the place out thoroughly and even though Rosden was older than most homes we found the love, compassion and caring found there which will never be beaten anywhere else. We also noticed that the home was always smelling nice and was cleaned on a regular basis.
    Don’t you think it strange that even after getting the report (which was couried to us all) from the department and reading it we still wanted to leave our loved ones where they were.
    At a meeting held at Rosden with the department there were nearly 200 staff, families and residents in attendance. Not one of the staff or family members condemned the owners or staff in attendance. Everyone in the room condemned the Health Department for their decision.
    Our loved ones have been taken out of this loving caring situation and put in very clinical surroundings which most will find it hard to adjust.
    You need to weep for the loved ones who have been robbed of their home for over 8 years.
    Please before you print an article like this look into the facts of the case and then print the truth.


  2. Lyn,
    Whilst I am pleased that you think that Rosden is a good place, I do have to wonder why the government is so keen to close it down. Have you asked them why? It seems odd that in the past they have been accused of not doing enough for the elderly and now they are being accused of overreacting.
    Perhaps there is more to this case, but you would have to concede that the first media reports about Rosden were damning. Is Rosden being made an example of? Is the government trying to impress us with its diligence? If it is doing that then why choose Rosden out of all places? Perhaps this requires further investigation. I have a mother in one of these places and I guess I was reacting out of protective instinct. But, I take your point, Lyn.


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