Malcolm Turnbull and his Millions

I just don’t get it. Australians worship a sportsman who makes millions of dollars for kicking a ball around some field. They love a rock star who earns a packet gyrating on stage for a couple of hours, but when it comes to electing a political leader, heaven help the man who has actually worked hard and made a success of his life. He will have to apologise forever for not being a loser. He will have to convince the ordinary public, and boy are they ordinary, that he can be trusted with their future in spite of the fact that he has risen to the top.

Why is it that Aussies seem to prefer a political leader who hasn’t got the ability to rise above poverty?

The irony of it all is that if you asked one of these vacant lots if they want to have millions in assets, not one of them would say “no”. What a bunch of hypocrites!

What makes them think that a man who has not been able to make something of himself will be better equipped to run the country’s economy?

If they don’t like Turnbull because of his personality or his policies then that’s fair enough, but it shouldn’t be because Turnbull is a financial success. The media keeps on referring to him as “the millionaire banker” in the same tone they would use for paedophile or sleazebag. How ridiculous!

When I vote for a prime minister I want one who has a proven record of achievement, a hard worker with ability who inspires confidence. For me, the fact that Turnbull is a self-made millionaire means that he may be able to do something about the economy.

I really can’t see why the voters are more impressed by a man whose wife has made him a multi-millionaire than one who did it by himself.


One thought on “Malcolm Turnbull and his Millions

  1. Dear Lili,

    I love you and you write so well I enjoy reading your writings but you are too right wing for me. We all look throuhg coloured glasses.

    Re wealth. Did not the Bible say that it is as hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven as for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

    Some people make money by giving people what they need or enjoy and some make money by being clever and tricking other people out of theirs. And all shades in between.

    I worry about how Therese Rein made her money but she is not my Prime Minister. I am happy with my Prime Minister and I feel that generally speaking the people on the left side of politics are more selfless and caring about the common good…..

    Love Esther


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