Murdoch’s Sunday Mail does it again!

There are some people who learn from experience and there are others who don’t. The Jewish community of Queensland has learned from bitter experience that some journalists from the Murdoch stable will lie just to stir up trouble.

One such journalist is Ainsley Pavey from the Sunday Mail who pretends to hold an interview and then writes whatever she wants to write just to create some religious conflict in Brisbane. She did this in December 2005 when she “interviewed” some prominent members of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities and then twisted everything that had been said. I wrote about her unscrupulous ways in April this year.

Pavey’s natural medium is slime and she slithered once again into the affairs of the Jewish community just before Easter this year. She obviously had not learned that if she makes up interviews just to stir up trouble, then nobody from the Jewish community will ever give her the time of day.

That woman just doesn’t learn from experience. When the prominent leader of the Jewish community denied her request for an interview and told her why, after being misreported in 2005, she hung up.

You would have thought that would be the end of it. But no! Ainsley Pavey phoned back not long afterwards and told off this community leader in no uncertain terms for being self-righteous and holier than thou. Her words!

I wonder why the Sunday Mail continues to employ such an unethical journalist who can only harm the reputation of the Murdoch press.


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