Kiss of Death from Lili to “Suzanne Grae”

In 2001 I discovered the Suzanne Grae label. I wear very simple, casual clothes and found that the chain of stores called “Suzanne Grae” had quite a good selection of clothes at a reasonable price.

I chose a few items and was so impressed by the quality and style that I decided to write to Naomi Milgrom, the owner of the stores. I raved on about the colour range and the ease of care of the garments.

Yes, I probably went overboard with my praise because I must have jinxed the buyers at Suzanne Grae.

Since then I have had to admit that the quality has declined. It was so disappointing to find that there were hardly any co-ordinating outfits and I deplored the trailer trash fashion that was all the rage.

This happened all those years ago and I believe that the quality has consistently become worse. The stores sell stuff that I can’t possibly wear. In my view, the fabrics are cheaper and nastier with each passing year. Styles seem tarty and so I have had to reluctantly abandon Suzanne Grae.

Having come to the realisation that if I praise something then I can be guaranteed that my praise will be the kiss of death, I wonder if I could apply this same tactic to our Arab friends?

In my opinion, therefore, Arabs are the most wonderful, ethical, brave, intelligent people that I know and I wish them all the best!


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