Rudd- the six minute man

I wonder what sort of mirror Prime Minister Rudd looks at in the morning?
Can’t he see that he is becoming embarrassing when he takes it upon himself to do a Mighty Mouse imitation? “Here I come to save the day… Mighty Mouse is on the way”

First he says that he’s going to put a blow torch to Opec. That should ensure their sympathy!

Then he’s going to tell the other nations to avoid nuclear war. Yeah right…

Then he joins the rank of the incidental nations at the G8 meeting and offers six minutes of advice on global warming.

And if the rest of the world decides to ignore his advice then he wants Australians to lead by example. Rudd knows full well that our emissions are negligible and that even if we cut out all our emissions and went back to the Stone Age, it wouldn’t make a nanogram of difference to the amount of carbon emissions produced on Earth.

So while he struts the world stage once again and exhibits delusions of grandeur, he is ignoring what’s going on at home.

Thanks to his effete treasurer’s predictions of economic misery, the verve has disappeared from this country. Australians have been panicked into thinking that the end of the world is nigh. Gone is good old Aussie optimism. People are insecure and pessimistic about the future, all because Swan and Rudd have decided to talk the economy down.

Now, if he is really convinced that things are so diabolical, why doesn’t Rudd come home and act like the Prime Minister of Australia for a change? Fix the Health crisis, the housing crisis, the education shortfalls, transport problems etc etc.

The to-do list is long and it’s time that Rudd settled down to fixing Australian problems instead of travelling around the world and trying to outdo another huge ego, Whitlam.

The honeymoon is over, Kevin. Time to get on with the realities of being Prime Minister of a small, very small, nation. Until the truly large nations are prepared to do something sensible about global warming, Australia should get on with living and stop trying to be holier than thou.

How many of us must suffer to feed your huge ego, Kevin?


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