Is there room on this planet for convicted paedophiles?

There are some crimes that should never be forgiven. Child molestation is one of the worst of them. Despite the legal chatter about whether convicted molester, Dennis Ferguson, can receive a fair trial in Queensland or not and despite the suggestion that new evidence against him may be flimsy, I contend that society does not want such monsters to walk freely among human beings ever again.

He should never have been released in the first place since he has made no attempt to rehabilitate himself. No chemical treatment, no castration, nada, because he didn’t want to get better.

He wanted to be fit enough to molest again. Whilst I cringe at the idea of protests and lynching, I can sympathise with people who do not want a molester to live near them and their children.

This sort of hysteria is the result of fear and parental desire to protect one’s children. It’s what made Megan’s Law a reality in parts of the U.S.

This is where the law and the wishes of society form a chasm. Judges go on about justice while society actually needs to believe that justice has been done. One has to wonder whose law is being administered here?

If Ferguson remains at large because the judge says he may not get a fair trial, what’s to stop any criminal from committing many crimes and then publicising the crimes and using this excuse for getting away with it?

In other words, a molester can wreak havoc on children, make sure the media reports it, and then claim that a fair trial would be unattainable.

This is what will happen in the Jayant Patel case as I already said in a previous post. Actually, this is an insult to the jury system that we have in Australia. Or perhaps there are some cases where juries should not be used. Why not use a panel of judges instead of a jury? Simply letting an alleged criminal off is not the correct outcome.

It costs the government $1000 per day for the molester to be kept in his latest farm abode. Ferguson says that he gets so upset that he even thinks about suicide. My suggestion is that he should stop thinking about it and follow the advice of the Nike logo.


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