You’re never too stupid to be a teacher

If you’ve recently sat for an I.Q test and failed, don’t despair. You can always become a teacher. The Education Departments of Western Australia and Queensland are getting quite anxious because applications for teaching places have dropped drastically in the past two years. Nobody wants to go into the second oldest profession – pedagogues just aren’t what they used to be. Continue reading

Pedometers – A step too far

They say that life is what you make it. As if that’s going to make you feel better. I say that only me, myself, I, can screw things up for myself, especially if things are going pretty swimmingly. The sun is shining in a beautiful cerulean sky, the birds are twittering to the rhythm of my favourite melody and I’ve even broken into a smile. So now’s the perfect time to think up a scheme that will ruin all that. Continue reading

Dear Michael Mansell.

There has been an outcry this week both in Australia and in many other parts of the world. It concerns the pack rape of a ten year old indigenous girl. This is not news in itself since about 80 child protection cases are reported in just one North Queensland indigenous community every month.

But as I said, that wasn’t the news. What really upset the entire nation, except for one aboriginal activist, who is my subject today, is that the judge did not give a custodial sentence to any of the nine males involved explaining that the ten year old girl probably agreed to it. Continue reading