Hamas has chutzpah

Who but Hamas would burn the American flag, call America “The Great Satan”, torch effigies of President Bush and yet have the chutzpah to ask the U.S to help them?

Which is puzzling since the U.S and its allies have offered all the help they need if Hamas agrees to some very reasonable conditions.

Those conditions include recognition of Israel, renunciation of violence and embracing prior agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mind you, Hamas never accepts responsibility for the misery it has brought to its people. It refuses to recognise the state of Israel. It continues to bomb Israel daily and gets upset when Israel retaliates to protect its own citizens. And now it is comparing what is happening in Gaza to what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust.

Have you noticed how often the Muslims are obsessed with references to the Holocaust when it comes to their own plight, but paradoxically insist that the Holocaust did not exist when it comes to the Jews?

I remember the historic footage of Israeli settlers reluctantly leaving the Gaza strip for the sake of possible peace with the Arabs. So what did that sacrifice achieve?

Well, it made the Arabs think that if they continue with their violence towards Israel, then perhaps more territory will be conceded. It was a mistake to believe that the Arabs wanted to live in peace

There is no limit to Hamas’ chutzpah. Hamas spokesman, Ahmed Yousef has written an open letter to the U.S Secretary of State telling her that it is “amusing” that a black person such as Condoleeza Rice should empathise with Israeli deaths.

Conveniently, Mr Yousef has forgotten that many Israelis are black and furthermore the Jews were prominent in the American Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties and even sacrificed their lives by demonstrating with the Blacks.

What in he world does Mr Yousef mean by “amusing” anyway? What a strange terminology he has!

Hamas might have won the election but the Palestinians only had a choice between a rock and a hard place and now they are sitting on very uncomfortable territory, indeed. They rave on about democracy but refuse to recognise the right of their neighbour to exist. Israel? What Israel? they ask.

And to whom do they turn when they want something?

Believe it not, to the very nation who suffered so terribly when the Twin Towers were attacked and Palestinians showed their sympathy by dancing in the streets and chanting God is Great.


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