Democracy, Russian Style

Pardon my scepticism, but it’s impossible to take seriously anything that President Putin says. He says that there will be a free election for the new president and, frankly, even Putin must know that nobody believes him.

A bit like the late and unlamented Saddam Hussein, really, who used to hold elections in which he was the only candidate. Saddam did very well, getting over a 100% of the votes which goes to show just how popular he was.

Now Putin has to resign from the presidency but has agreed to serve as Prime Minister with Dimitry Medvedev who is his minion and chosen successor.

Medvedev as president will ensure that Putin keeps on running the country for as long as he likes. Isn’t it interesting how in a nation of hundreds of millions of people there is no other genuine candidate who has a hope in Hell of becoming president. That’s because Putin has always controlled public opinion by controlling the media. He is a performer who will brook no opposition.

I have always maintained that Putin represents Old Russia with his back to the future policy. Putin is anti-American, and prepared to do anything to upset the Western nations’ influence. His latest rotten deed is to provide enriched uranium to Iran.

President Bush has apparently welcomed this action by Putin (yeah right) since it will postpone Iran’s commitment to enriching uranium themselves. Of course, Ahmedinejiad, that little pipsqueak, immediately announced that Iran will not stop its development of enriched uranium, which is just another slap in the face to the West.

But what could Bush expect? All this shipment from Russia will achieve is to speed up the nuclear arms potential of Iran. Bush must know that but is helpless at this stage. Anyway, he certainly doesn’t want a confrontation with either Iran or Russia before the end of his presidency. So he has just done a spin job on the whole deal. Who can blame him? I certainly sympathise with his frustrating predicament. His presidency has been a very difficult one, fraught with terrorism by the Muslims and conflict with the U.N and Europe.

Now Putin is very aware of the U.S reluctance to act at this point in history, so he’s manipulating the entire situation. He is not afraid to bait the rest of the world either. His is a very old form of government, closer to Stalin’s dictatorship than real democracy.

In fact, he has no intention of relinquishing power even if his actual title were “Tea Lady to the New President.”

Breaking news on the 20th Dec.!!!
Putin has just been named Time’s Person of the year. Former persons of the year have been Hitler and Stalin. Time magazine makes it clear that the award is not so much an honour as recognition of a powerful force reshaping the world. Good old Joseph and Adolf did that as well, didn’t they?

Richard Stengel. who is the Managing Editor of “Time” is quick to point out that Putin is not a nice guy:

“Putin is not a boy scout. He is not a democrat in any way that the West would define it. He is not a paragon of free speech,” he wrote.

“He stands, above all, for stability – stability before freedom, stability before choice, stability in a country that has hardly seen it for a hundred years.”

Mind you there’s nothing more stable than a corpse, is there?


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