Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

It was just a matter of time before Mrs Bhutto was murdered and nobody can be surprised by this tragic event.

I, for one, am amazed that more assassinations don’t occur in politics. With all the conflict in the world hotheads are bound to murder a political opponent. Mrs Bhutto knew this but was still keen to take part in the Pakistani elections. It was as if her fate were sealed and she even stuck her head out of the car sunroof to facilitate her assassination.

So why would a person like the late Mrs Bhutto defy her enemies so brazenly? I suspect that she was determined to return to Pakistan to show a brave face. Her father had been executed and this blighted her life. Having left twice before she could not bear to be regarded as a weakling in the eyes of her supporters. It would be commendable if she also had her country’s interests at heart, but her desire for power was the more likely explanation for her electioneering.

Politicians are a breed apart. They are risk takers whose ambition causes them to lobby, entice and promise so much just to be elected. They also seem to have convinced themselves that only they have the answers which is extremely arrogant of them but necessary, I suppose.

Mrs Bhutto had deluded herself into believing that Pakistan was ready for genuinely honest elections along democratic lines. I really can’t understand how she could have imagined that Pakistan could ever be a democracy when it is plagued by so many terrorist groups making that country a homebase for their activities.

Pakistan is a tragic basket case. There are constant assassinations. Suicide bombers attack mosques during the Friday service. Al Qaeda has plenty of support there as have the Taliban. In comes a woman who thinks she can solve the problem and bring some stability to the country. I can only shake my head at her naivety.

Nevertheless, one must give her credit for trying, I suppose. Now we will watch Pakistan become even more unstable than it was, even more radical, even more terrorised. How ironic that her return led to even more trouble in a troubled land. That is Mrs Bhutto’s real legacy. In a country that has nuclear power such instability is fraught with danger.


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