Unwanted, unloved, and unhappy!

You have to laugh. Imagine throwing a party and a group of gatecrashers turns up.

These gatecrashers have the hide to complain about the food at the party. Not only is there not enough, but the wine is running out as well. Sound farcical? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in the U.S right now. Illegal aliens, who are really gatecrashers, have the temerity to complain that they can’t get a job in the country which did not invite them in the first place.

Apparently, since the downturn in the U.S economy, the illegals are also feeling the pinch. Boo Hoo! Will they threaten to leave if they can’t get work or the dole? If only. They are demanding drivers’ licences, education for their children and free hospital care.

While other people from all over the world are waiting to be allowed to enter the U.S legally, these interlopers sneak across the border and they admit they are not refugees but just want to have a better standard of living. I can understand their motives but not their methods. So they are feeling the squeeze now as are many genuine citizens. They would be wiser to keep quiet or I imagine that American patience will run out.

It would be better if they stayed home and tried to improve the conditions in their own country. Not an easy task, I know, but they can’t keep gatecrashing forever. The U.S has enough to contend with.


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