I’m making a big mistake but here goes!

A while back I became the target of spam. There was spam about all sorts of ailments and special deals but mostly about erectile dysfunction treatments by the hundreds. Much as I sympathise with members of the opposite sex about their inability to rise to the occasion, I really felt that such advertising was wasted on me.

Even if I knew a man at half mast who could benefit from all those magic potions, I seriously doubt that I would say to him, “Has my spam got a treatment for you!” In fact, I have sworn on every holy book that I will never, never, never buy anything that has been unsolicited by me. I naturally am averse to spam, therefore I will never encourage it.

After a few months of daily deletions of spam I put in place a few barriers which worked. They work very well, by the way. So well that nobody can be bothered jumping over the hurdles that I’ve set in place. Did I hear someone say, “be careful what you wish for?”

So, as an experiment, I have removed the obstacles and will see what happens. I invite all genuine and honest commentators on my posts to write a comment. I have missed your opinions. Or is it opinion? lol


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