Yellow Streak in the Red Mosque

What is it about radical Muslims that makes them hide behind women and children in order to save their skins? If they are not capturing helpless women then they are dressing up as women to escape. How cowardly is that? No wonder Muslims are synonymous with the expression “Human shield”. And they dare call themselves warriors for Islam!

This past week has witnessed the local hero of a fanatical group of Muslims at a school and a mosque actually dressing up as a woman and hiding behind a burqua. This was the chief cleric, Abdul Aziz, spiritual leader at the Red Mosque in Pakistan, who was prepared to abandon his loyal followers to their fate, while he made a quick exit stage left but was captured by the army.

How embarrassing is that? Not only was he running away but he was in disguise as well, and as a mere female. It was the yellow streak down his back that gave him away.

As usual, there were hostages involved. Muslims don’t care about children, do they? They’ll strap explosives to them and send them off on suicide missions. They’ll even starve them in a school for days before shooting them, Chechen style. And if you thought that it was only the Muslim men who were so cowardly, then it should be remembered that the captors in Beslan were women– the nurturing sex!

Remember also that many of the people inside the mosque were female students who were prepared to kill.

The President of Pakistan, Musharraf, held off for ages from attacking the mosque to free the hostages. He has to be given credit for trying to save some lives, but nevertheless, there were many hostile reactions from other fanatics in Pakistan who wanted “jihad”.

I am so sick of hearing that word. I’m also fed up with other Muslims trying to explain jihad as being an internal and personal struggle or whatever. Doesn’t sound like that to me when it’s being screeched by raving loonies. Sounds more like a war cry, but of course some Muslim apologists will tell me that I don’t understand.

Well, that’s true. I don’t understand and nor will I. Never!


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