Maniacal medicos.

Not poor! Not uneducated! Just bloody fanatics who are prepared to destroy lives instead of saving them. That’s who the latest mob of terrorists has turned out be.

“First do no harm” is the hippocratic oath but these Muslim doctors were out to kill Westerners and it was only by sheer good fortune that their satanic plot was discovered.

This should prove once and for all that terrorists come from all levels of society. They can be the sons of plutocrats as Bin Laden was and they can be tertiary educated, rich, but still murderous.

Those bleeding hearts, the left-wing morons who preach that if only we would hug a Muslim, then everything will be honky dory will now have to find another excuse for the criminal behaviour of doctors, lawyers, engineers and professors who can’t wait to destroy the West. It certainly can’t be because they are not respected by the rest of society. This latest plot is proof that it has nothing to do with being disaffected or looked down on.

Yes, it’s quite true that these types are usually the brains behind the bombings and that they encourage the young and the stupid to blow themselves up for allah but in this case none of the medicos and their pals seemed prepared to die for their cause. They were simply going to destroy the lives of as many men, women and children as they could. How sad that these doctors made a mockery of their profession which should have been to heal rather than to kill.

My question is did they really save their patients in those hospitals or were they actually making them sicker? Who knows? These monsters were in positions of trust and had the opportunity to kill Westerners. It is crucial. therefore, that this be investigated further. Nothing would surprise me about the depths to which Muslim fanatics will stoop.


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