They were not martyrs

There have recently been commemorations for Yom Hashoah to mourn the six million Jewish victims of Hitler’s madness. Whatever these six million were they were not martyrs as these unfortunates are usually called.

A martyr is one who gives up his life for a religious or political principle. Therefore there is no way that the Jews willingly went to their deaths for a cause. They were scapegoats and victims , occasional heroes, but never willing sacrificial lambs. I absolutely shudder when I hear references to the Martyrs’ Memorials.

It takes away the blame from the perpetrators, the Nazis, if we call the Jews martyrs. It’s as if the Jews were complicit in the Shoah and that is absolutely wrong. The Jews did not want to die. There was no cause for which they were martyrs. Nazism was not their cause, was it?

They were victims, picked on, isolated, tortured and murdered because they were Jews. And I don’t want to hear any euphemisms about a genocide. If we call it anything else it’s disrespectful to the six million victims of Hitler’s Final Solution.


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