Go ahead and jump!

There are some young idiots who have taken to jumping into a lake at a quarry site. They leap into water that is full of acid effluent and other noxious chemicals.

In order to reach the water they have to pass jagged rocks in the quarry on their way down into the muck. Sometimes they even ride their bicycles off the edge and over the cliff.

We know that they do this because they have videotaped themselves in the act.

A doctor from the emergency unit at the hospital has come out and said that this is very risky behaviour because these daredevils could get hurt or even, gasp, perish. Do we really need an expert for this sort of prophecy?

When I learn of such behaviour it really doesn’t shock me because I feel no sympathy for them at all if they do injure themselves. In fact, I regard them as a species from the lower end of the developmental chain, which makes me wonder about Darwin’s notion of the survival of the fittest. Or perhaps what they come from is even more moronic than they are.

The question is, for the sake of mankind’s future, do we actually want them to survive, or worse still, do we want to pay for their medical treatment should they get hurt?

If they do survive then won’t that lower the average I.Q of Australians in general? Do we really want them to pass on the stupid gene to their offsprings?—pun intended.

If they wanna jump they should jump, like lemmings into the muck. It’s no loss.


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