Serious research

A while back a study at some elite university came up with research that found that women over the age of eighty were having less sex. This research actually tried to find out why that is so. All they really had to do was to visit any old age establishment and observe the ratio of elderly men to women.

Heaven for the man in his harem but not so for the ladies!

This is the sort of study that wastes precious resources but still the academics have to do something to get published, I guess.

Another of my favourite research results was that people who reached the age of eighty were more likely to reach ninety. I mulled over that one for a while and then was forced to agree that people who carked it before they reached eighty had very little chance of turning ninety.


2 thoughts on “Serious research

  1. You are misunderstanding the research (or have had it misreported to you.) Life expectancy (i.e. the number of remaining years you expect to live) goes up and down with age (amongst other things.) It makes perfect sense to say, e.g. “50% of 60 year-olds, 40% of 70 year-olds and 60% of 80 year-olds will live to at least 90. And so on.” I don’t know the real figures. Without ‘serious research’, nor could you.


  2. Without a source or anything else did you really think I was quoting a serious article. This item, minus scientific references, appeared in our local paper and all I could do was laugh. Sadly our paper is one of the silliest and superficial newspapers in the country.
    But how about the bit about very old ladies and their sex deficit? That also came out of the “blue” without any explanation.


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