Iraqis are not ready for democracy

The U.S and its allies have made a serious mistake by invading Iraq in order to save it from Saddam Hussein. The mistake it made is in assuming that Iraqis value democracy as much as the Western nations do.

Arabs and Muslims are by nature followers of sheiks, imams and caliphs. They appear to be hierarchical rather than egalitarian as evidenced by their treatment of women. In Muslim culture women are second-rate citizens with few personal liberties. I will not debate this issue here for it is not the topic in question and frankly if the women want to be equal they will have to fight their own fight.

However, I am convinced that democracy is a way of living and not just a form of government. The right to vote is only the first step to a democratic lifestyle. In order to enjoy this lifestyle one must be able to express an opinion without fear of arrest or punishment. Such freedom is by and large non-existent in Muslim countries. It therefore is foolish to try to impose democracy on a people who are unprepared or hostile to it. They simply do not know how to live in a democracy, especially if they are fundamentalists.

For several decades Iraqis were under the yoke of a tyrant and therefore have no idea of what it means to be responsible for making free choices in life. All they are familiar with are violence and fear. Let loose following the destruction of Saddam it is not surprising that the Iraqis should behave like berserk ex-slaves. Who can blame them? They are now relishing the freedom to kill anyone with an opposing view. How could the average normal Westerner conceive of a situation where sectarian violence would follow the removal of a tyrant? And yet isn’t that exactly what is happening among the Palestinians as well? They have a common foreign adversary and yet they fight among themselves. This shows that they are functioning among the lower levels of the evolutionary tree. They are blind to the bigger picture which may bring peace and development and a normal existence for them all. At the moment any voice of reason is hushed up. So it is in Iraq.

What really concerns me now is the future outcome of the Iraqi war. I do not want to see another body bag with the remains of an American soldier returned to a grieving nation. Such deaths are sacrifices for no good reason. The Iraqis don’t appreciate the sacrifice. In fact they resent it. It is only now that Americans in general are realising that there will be no benefit in giving up one’s life for a lost cause and the whole thing has turned sour and hopeless.

Not that I support the “head in the sand” attitude of those who never wanted to act in the first place. Something had to be done but Arabs don’t respect peaceful negotiation. It is alien to them. There is no doubt that Saddam had weapons and that they are hidden in the Syrian desert somewhere. I never cared whether he did or not. The WMD excuse was always going to be lame when one had to depend on the loyalty of the cowardly French, the left-wing Germans, and the double-crossing Russians to support any action. How smug they all sound now! But do they have the right to be smug when they should be scared shitless because of their own internal problems with Muslims?

Eurabia is the real nightmare which faces Europe and even moderate cultures such as that of the Scandinavians and the Dutch are now apprehensive about having allowed Muslims into their countries. When problems with the Muslims escalate further as we have already witnessed in Paris I hope that America holds firm and leaves Europe to its fate. It will be interesting to see how long it will take those cowardly Europeans to ask for American assistance.

As for me, I would not have attacked Iraq, because I believe that there is a better and pragmatic way of dealing with the problem.Get rid of the leader who is encouraging and funding terrorism. The one who paid Palestinians to become suicide bombers in Israel and in other places. It would have been much more humane this way and fewer lives on both sides would have been lost. A monster can’t exist for long without a head. I am aware of the fact that there was a stable of monsters ready to step into Saddam’s shoes, but perhaps one of the leaders might have seen the light and thought more of the well-being of Iraqis than of his own megalomania.

So what should happen at this stage? It’s a wise man who knows when to call it quits. I would give the Iraqis a last vote. Do they want American help or not? If they say yes, then conditions must be set down. Terrorists and insurgents will have to be named and arrested with the aid of the Iraqi people themselves. If they vote no and I hope that they will do so, then leave them to their fate. Sit back and watch how Sunnis and Shiites continue to massacre each other as they try to dominate their Muslim “brothers”. I hope that the Kurds will be left alone and when the dust settles, perhaps Iraq will be no more. It seems to be the direction they are heading anyway so why postpone the inevitable?


4 thoughts on “Iraqis are not ready for democracy

  1. Hi Lili

    Perhaps the civil war in Iraq and other conflicts in the middle east will be aleviated by the U.S.A.responding to the present war that Iran is conducting against it. It is well positioned geographically to eventually enforce its demand that Iran not produce nuclear weapons.



  2. Hi Flo,
    I suspect that not much will improve until the Iranians realise that their political leader is inciting them to create a civil war in Iraq. We all know why he is doing that, but it’s a shame that the Iranians don’t see how he is holding back their future. Have you noticed that every time some of his people question his outrageous behaviour he gets even worse? He thrives on it, like the sociopath that he is.It’s the Napoleon complex. And the Iraqis are his victims as well


  3. Flo, geographical proximity to Iran is a curse, not a blessing. Before the US occupied Iraq, the only international leverage Iran had was oil; a large lever, but one whose use would hurt Iran more than its enemies. But now, it has political influence in a country that is tying up the balance of the US’s overstretched military; we’ve given Iran a proxy forum to fight the US and one that is weighted heavily in its favour. Brilliant.

    If the US ever had the military capability to overthrow the mullahs, it certainly doesn’t now. Its only feasible option is military strikes, which probably won’t destroy Iran’s nuclear programme but will definitely fix popular support for Ahmadinejad in concrete. Lili is correct that the only solution to the problem of Iran is the Iranian people, but that won’t happen if the US (and its allies) keep stupidly giving Iran’s leaders free political and military capital.


  4. Obviously I have more respect for the capabilities of the US military than you,and I do believe it can destroy Iran’s nuclear programme if it wants.

    “the only solution to the problem of Iran”-you mean one solution don’t you?
    Well directed sanctions is a potential solution and different degrees of warfare is another.

    Anyhow it will be interesting to watch how this play out although ‘interesting’ may not be the word Israelis choose.


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