Domestic violence at Melbourne Zoo

Australia is in the grip of a domestic violence epidemic. I won’t go into the causes of it since there are many, but let’s say that most of it is due to drugs, alcohol and failed relationships.

A tragic state of affairs which I hope will be improved in years to come.

To make matters worse, last Friday a male gorilla at Melbourne Zoo attacked a female gorilla who subsequently died the next day.

Otana, who is a Silverback gorilla (whatever that is) behaved like an absolute animal!

Silverbacks are known for asserting themselves in a normal manner, the zookeepers inform us, but this time Otana went too far. He overdid the aggressive asserting and poor Julia copped a bashing.

Now that is sad indeed, but I have to confess that I chuckled when it was announced that the primate keepers have been offered counselling to help them through this difficult time.

My new website is teaching me new stuff

I’m still in the process of adjusting to my new and improved website. For my exclusive (and very small) circle of readers  who know lots more about the internet than I do,  I have to apologise for my natural ignorance.

I did not realise that you get an email immediately that I  publish a post.   This means that when I read the damn thing,  shake my head and am obliged to do inevitable corrections,  the loyal readers are not informed of this new and much more impressive blog.

For those of you who care,  may I invite you to read the revised post on my website—using google.

In future I will click on the preview thingy before publishing the post.


Let them eat cake at Ashers bakery. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

In 1997 Tasmania became the last Australia state to decriminalise homosexual activity between  consenting males.

A propos of this I can recall one of my favourite cartoons of the day. There’s a very Aussie male wearing a dinkum hat and singlet as he waits in line at the airport in Hobart.

His comment is:-

“First it was illegal, then it was tolerated and then it became legal. I’m getting out of here before it becomes compulsory.”

So why am I recalling this cartoon today?  Well, it’s got to  do with the ruling in Northern Ireland which fined a devoutly Christian bakery for refusing  to bake a cake promoting gay marriage.

This was a case of discrimination, the female judge declared.

According to the judge the bakery was conducting a business for profit.  Hmm… very unusual motive.  “They are in the business of providing services for all. The law requires them to do so,” she declared.

My question is  ” If Ashers were a halal  or kosher food store would the owners have to supply a pork hamburger to anyone who demanded it?

The reason for not doing so surely would be the same as the Ashers bakery case. It is against their religious beliefs.

As I hinted above, there will be a day when we will have to come to terms with our sexuality…heterosexuality, that is.


There’s no hole in the bucket, dear Roma, dear Roma

Had you been in the lady’s loo in Myer yesterday you would have seen me filling a teapot with water and pouring it out again.

When someone came into the loo I expected a strange look followed by a quick exit. What I heard instead were comments such as “good idea”. “Well, does it leak? No? Oh good!”

It made me feel like the people’s advocate. Wish I had thought of this idea myself, but I actually received the advice from Roma who commented on my previous blog about leaky teapots. She acknowledged the sensible advice from Chris who says that she always tests teapots before buying them.

I bought some gel inserts for my sore feet yesterday as well. Too bad that I couldn’t test them before wasting $17 on that rubbish