John Oliver’s Genitals

I have tried to watch John Oliver’s programme, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” but today his pathetic descent into vulgarity turned me off completely.  How can a man be so obsessed with his penis? Is his appendage so ineffectual that he has to constantly remind himself that he has one?

Oliver has no class. He is crass and has the comedic sophistication of a toddler who pulls his pants down at kindergarten and announces to the world with a giggle  “Look at my wee wee….”

Oliver talks fast, bobs his head up and down like a clucking chicken and is a physical turn-off.

This is not to say that his topics are bad, however.  They are timely and his comments on events in America are quite interesting.  Unfortunately, the laughter sounds canned and every time he refers to someone’s testicles the audience guffaws into orgasmic hysteria.

All in all, he leaves a bad taste in my mouth and despite his popularity in some circles, the “populus vulgaris” is welcome to him.



4 thoughts on “John Oliver’s Genitals

  1. Max, John Oliver is on the Comedy Channel on Foxtel. He used to write etc. for John Stewart who used to have his own show. You are not missing much by not watching him, except for the fact that some of the topics he presents are interesting. It’s just that he is playing to the lowest common denominator of society who can’t resist a filthy joke. Comedy ain’t what it used to be, Max. We now have S-bend humour.
    Hope you and R are well and not causing too much mischief.




    • Hi Lili
      Yeah, I know who he is. The brevity of my comment was my take on his significance in the general scheme of things, Emmies etc. notwithstanding.

      I’m thinking of giving up mischief – it’s too hard on an ancient liver.

      All the best M


      • Sorry to hear about your venture into becoming a reformed character, Max. Mischief is one of your more admirable attributes, so please don’t abandon it for some “noble cause”. It’s not as much fun if you behave yourself.




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