Does anyone understand the Medownick TV commercial?

We have been inundated lately with a most idiotic commercial for laser eye surgery by the Medownick group.  To be more exact, it’s what I guess it’s supposed to be.  There’s something mentioned about a place to lose your glasses, but I’m not quite sure why.

A couple of kids who resemble one another are seen throwing a pair of spectacles around.  Are they brother and sister?  One of them shouts that he can’t see but he’s quite happy about that. The other one, his sister perhaps,  suggests that he should trample the spectacles. She’s finding all this very amusing as does her stupid brother.

In another scene some idiot has gone swimming in the surf with his glasses and lost them. This is also good news, apparently, but then we are told that we should lose our glasses at Medownick.

I have written in the past that some commercials may become popular because they are so annoying and yet their message gets through.  This one, however, makes one feel that if Medownick approve such idiotic ads, then how good is their judgement?

Will one go to their practice and be operated on and then leave crying  “I can’t see anything!   I can’t see anything……?


4 thoughts on “Does anyone understand the Medownick TV commercial?

    • Ben, I agree with you about the annoying guy at the beginning. I just saw a resemblance between the two of them. Same nose and features, but I could be wrong about the brother and sister thing. Maybe they are a couple.
      What gets me is that when it comes to medical procedures, there should be a bit of class in the commercial so that one has confidence in the company. Let’s face it, they don’t make one rush out to book an appointment.


    • Hi Ruzdog,
      The Medownick ad that I was criticising in this blog has been replaced by a later one, so you can no longer view it on TV. Since then Medownick has another ad which is just as stupid and that can be viewed on TV. I have not found it on YouTube.
      If you want my opinion of this latest Medownick commercial then please refer to my post called “Moronic Medownick” which is on my home page.
      We are not dealing with a very important issue here, just a comment about how silly some commercials can be.


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