Here we go again with Australia’s lenient judiciary

A fourteen year old girl was abducted and gang raped in Geelong for over one hour by a group of men whose surname is Wild.  Yep, Wild by name and Wild by nature. One of them,  twenty-seven year old Rowan Gavin Wild, has been granted bail by a female magistrate called Jelena Popovic.  Rowan  Wild  had been uncooperative with the police who opposed bail and had even disguised himself to avoid detection.

But Popovic let him go.

This gang rape was so violent and cruel that the mind boggles at how a magistrate could grant bail to such an animal, but there you are,  it’s another case of the judiciary having no guts.

This sort of thing happens far too often in Australian courts which seem to be on the side of the perpetrators of crime. The victim’s plight appears to be incidental and all effort is devoted to how the alleged criminal is treated.

The worst culprits by far are female magistrates who find it difficult to sympathise with the rape victim.

It’s a woman thing.

As I have often said and written,  if I’m ever accused of any crime I hope that I do not have a female jury and a female judge at my trial.

The sisterhood is a myth.

p.s  The latest news this morning is that all four charged rapists of that poor child of fourteen may get bail.   Jelena Popovic is certainly a model magistrate, is she not?

I wonder if this would even be considered  possible  had the rapists been women in their twenties charged with raping a boy of fourteen.


4 thoughts on “Here we go again with Australia’s lenient judiciary

    • I agree with you Jeremy on the topic of the media. Sadly, because the media is in danger of withering and losing jobs it is only interested in scoops. It’s sales, sales, sales and truth and facts don’t matter at all.
      I admit I actually was taken in by what the media was reporting about the Wild brothers. The consequence of all this outrage mongering is that we will become more sceptical of the media until it becomes as irrelevant as all other gossip. By pandering to the lowest common denominator the media is shooting itself in the foot. I resent all these stunts.
      On the other hand, since it’s all about money and sensationally inaccurate reporting does it for them they will continue to spread their muck. Will things ever change? It is best to remain aloof if you don’t want to be corrupted by the dross.
      Thank you for your comment, however.


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