The new Target Store at Chadstone: Are we there yet?

It’s no secret that the Chadstone Shopping Mall is undergoing a refurbishment and an expansion to rival the Seven Wonders of the World.  It’s taking quite a long time, but we are all reassured it will be worth it.

For the past few months Target has been closed and so we have been waiting for the opening of its new resurrection in September.  It will be so terrific,  marvellous and fantastic that poems will be written about it. I’m thinking of Kubla Khan’s pleasure dome, of course.

There may even be a musical written devoted to the brand new super dooper Target and how its construction added to the attractions of the most liveable city in the world. (Melbourne, that is)

Well,  it opened about a week ago and there has been a noticeable hush all over the world  (Melbourne, that is) about the new improved Target.

We went there today for a peek and had a rather long trek through corridors and passages, past the construction area.  Our excitement grew with each painful step. It was a long way to go,  about one kilometre there and back,  but it would be worth it,  yes?

Not exactly.

I expected to be handed a bottle of water at each turn, as happens in a regular marathon, but there was none and so we marched on in an intrepid but increasingly breathless manner.  When we finally arrived at Target, which is situated in the bowels of this planet,  we noticed a sign saying “We hope you enjoyed the journey.”

Apparently this was meant to amuse us,  but we could not even conjure up a chortle.

Still,  we persevered in a pioneering spirit.  We were nothing if not optimistic.

As it turned out,  we were nothing since the new Target is very uninspiring.  Same old, same old.  Surely there should have been some welcome for those of us who had put in such an effort. No great special offers to tempt us. No elegance or chic appeal. No ambiance.

Is it a work in progress,  perhaps?

As for me,  I can wait to find out.


3 thoughts on “The new Target Store at Chadstone: Are we there yet?

  1. Exploration can be a most perilous pastime. John McDouall Stuart ran out of horseshoes, and came back to Adelaide whitehaired and almost blind !!! Perhaps you should fein incapacity and tackle Chadstone per a mobility scooter?? Cheers


  2. Zaps, be careful what you name-call people, you can be legally challenged to prove your publicly-stated assertion and if found guilty, tracked down and made to pay damages. You really are ignorant.
    Next, that “new” part of Chadstone is open.
    I can’t believe what I experienced. One Sat morn recently parked at one end, intending to enjoy a brisk walk to the other end to visit a shop, along the way, queues of people standing sitting camping, amusing themselves, these queues packed 10 deep took up one end to the other of the walkway, I asked a security guard “what’s happening please, I’d like to avoid the crush”…apparently a Makeup Store was opening that morning ! Wow! People wanted to get their free gift with purchase on Day 1 ! Wow!!! Sephora, which is somewhere you can shop online, but hey wouldn’t want to miss the day 1 instore experience, people of all ages, mostly foreign-Australians, from schoolgirls to grannies…all on their phones for amusement, wow !
    And when the swedish store opened, they camped the night before there ! Wow ! A shopping centre is now an entertainment centre for camping out and glamourous pursuits like …. social contact in sleeping bags ! Wow ! For a makeup store? Puhleeeeaze. Do these people have nothing more healthy to do? Again, the celebrity of yourselves, and speaking of Celebrity of Self….
    My makeup foundation used for years has been re-named. Went to the consultant to enquire what’s different about the formula? Nothing. Same formula, name changed to Photo Edition so that the young people who take endless selfies indulging their joy of celebrating their Selves can take selfie photos and not have any photo-flash show up on their faces if they buy and use this particular foundation. Wow !
    Really? It’s that important? I guess so. Dior have been doing Onstage Backstage Runway Catwalk editions for years, and I guess it’s become the norm.
    I love walking for yours with no iPhone in my pocket, it’s the best way to relax and stay out of the relentless onslaught of social media at every turn…and speaking of “turn”….
    Tried to navigate through Melb City streets, into Myer and DJ, at every person approached, they were focusing on their iPhone screens, not walking, but standing, taking up walkway space into and out of the doorways, bumping, colliding, and just plain ignorance-displaying…we who are not iphone joined at the umbilical when walking andtalking have to dodge each person …there is no longer the opportunity to just walk along in a straight line for all the phone-addicts who stand and block your walkway. Society has come to this. Well, who doesn’t want to take a dodgey walk around people taking twice as long to get to a destination….me. Who wants to talk in a straight line – gosh gone are those days you may not even have HEARD OF when it was Keep to the Left, and everyone navigated their walk to and from with ease and no collisions -me. Anyone else?
    Thanks for the fun to vent. This is the only blog I’ve read and vented on, and if that makes me less intelligent than anyone in his or her eyes only – poor you. You have no wider experience than your narrow world. I’m off to collide down the footpath with people who don’t look where they are going or have any awareness of approaching people….Get Bumped, I say !


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