Cricket Matters!

If you ever doubted that Australia is a lucky country,  here is the proof that we live in a farcically fortunate land.

I woke up this morning to the news that Australia had lost the Ashes.  Our cricket team had been totally defeated by England and this was a tragedy…apparently.

At the same time that the Aussies lost the match Taiwan was being demolished by an enormous  typhoon.  Taiwanese lives and homes are being destroyed.

In the Middle East factions are massacring one another.

Europe is having to cope with an overwhelming influx of “migrants” while Hungary is  preparing to keep them out by building a fence.  Apparently, it’s okay to have a fence now for protection.

All this is going on while our newspapers report the sorry defeat in cricket.  It’s all a matter of priorities, isn’t it?

If it ain’t cricket then it’s some doping scandal in football.

We Aussies definitely know what matters. A little red ball or some other larger one that is chucked around,  passed around, or kicked around a field of grass.

And that’s what counts here in Oz.  How lucky is that!


One thought on “Cricket Matters!

  1. NO evil dictator, NO significant nasty faction, enough food to feed the entire world, lots of electric power and plenty of clean water.
    We MUST find something to whinge about — why not the cricket ????

    Cheers M


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