Who needs these Isis collaborators back in Australia?

So the young men who left Australia and joined Isis have asked to be allowed back into the country they abandoned.  Well whoopee!

Do we welcome them back? Do we believe that they will now turn their backs on the most violent and unscrupulous murderers in the Middle East?

Perhaps these traitors have discovered that joining a group of terrorists who want to destroy everything that is good in our world is not a picnic, after all.  It’s not an adventure for the bored sons and daughters of the Muslim community in Australia.

Pardon my scepticism, but if I were a member of Isis and I wanted to return to Australia to cause more trouble here, then I would pretend that I am disenchanted with the Isis credo. I would pretend that I regret having left my comfortable home here in Australia for a cause that is the work of the devil.

I would offer to betray Isis by blabbing all the secrets that I had  learned during my adventure with them.

But could I be trusted?

After all, a person who has been a traitor once, which these men have been, could easily become a traitor twice or three times over.

So do we want these men back here to cause havoc in Australia?

No way. Let them stay in the Middle East where they belong.


One thought on “Who needs these Isis collaborators back in Australia?

  1. We can only say ‘hear hear’ to this. These are young clowns who thought it would be a great adventure to go and be hard men. Well, now they know! BUT: they are mostly muslim background and their parents must take some responsibility for leading them to remain attracted to a nasty ideology which, no matter how it is dressed up in public, has the prime objective of eliminating we infidels from this planet. SO – let them stay where they’ll be eliminated, themselves, for losing their enthusiasm for the task.
    Yes, they are traitors – they went to join a force which has declared itself at war with us, even if we haven’t made a reciprocal declaration. We aren’t big about death sentences these days, so the next best treatment for traitors is life behind bars —- but then we’d have to feed them!!!!!!!!
    Cheers R&M


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