The selfie generation: what a bunch of navel gazers!

You are about to eat a meal. So do you reach for a knife and fork, a spoon or chopsticks? No way!

Forget the cutlery and grab your cell phone or I-Pad instead so that you can take a picture of the meal first. A photo of your meal will soon appear on your Facebook page for your “friends” to comment on. And believe me when I say the comments will be of the non-cerebral kind peppered with emoticons and OMG’s.

Following the meal you can monitor your calorie intake or whatever else you want to record by using your plastic wrist Doodah. You can even measure the number of farts the meal produces so that you are well-informed the entire day and night about every bodily function.

Haven’t we come a long way! Instead of looking around and being interested in the rest of the world we can now hold up a permanent mirror and focus on our precious selves every minute of our monitored existence.

This has got to be the ultimate bliss for the Selfie Generation.

Is it any wonder this generation doesn’t give a damn about anyone else? It’s too busy taking pictures of its own navel while ignoring anything that does not involve moi!

When Sigmund Freud said it’s all about the EGO, he was absolutely correct and he would now be telling those who tried to dismiss his views, “Didn’t I say so? One of these days mankind will be totally self-absorbed and be unable to see further than its own nose.”

Well, we have arrived at this sad place in human development. I guess the upside of this is that nobody really cares very much as long as the batteries work and the gizmo is fully charged.


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