Give me a Thomas Kinkade home.

They mock him and call his paintings “kitsch” but I would love to live in one of Thomas Kinkade’s art works.

I first came across his work when we visited the U.S and I became enchanted with his paintings of ideal cottages and gardens.

They are welcoming and safe and to me they represent what a home should be, a sanctuary from a hostile and miserable world.

The arty farty world hates him because he is unrealistic. He is popular with the masses and that must be bad, surely. After all, what do they know? They only know what they like, don’t they?

Perhaps it would be more acceptable were he to paint monstrous images of decapitated bodies, but if I want to see that I only have to switch on the TV News and be confronted by piles of corpses and children holding up severed heads in the manner of Jihadists.

Not surprisingly, I have had it with the real world and would much rather inhabit the world of Kinkade with its optimistic glow.

You can have your Goyas and your tortured souls. Your religious triptychs which depict sinners going to Hell are apparently not kitsch, even though they were the fashion of the day when the Church aimed to terrify the population with its threat of purgatory. These paintings were weapons wielded by the Church and I would not want any of them in my charming little abode

I remember when I studied Victorian literature at a post-graduate level, I was informed that Charles Dickens was not to be taken seriously because he was too popular. He was kitsch according to some of the snobbish professors at the University.

There obviously is an elitist element in all this kitsch business. If you manage to entertain the man in the street with your writing or your painting then there must be something wrong with your work, according to the experts.

How pretentious is that!

So give me a break from all this elitism. I want art that brings a smile to my face.

I prefer beautiful paintings, like those of the Pre-Raphaelites. And so this is where I will include the heart-warming works of Thomas Kinkade as well.

Pity that he has passed away in very sad circumstances, but nevertheless he has left us a beautiful fantasy world which I would gladly love to inhabit.

Rose-coloured glasses? Most definitely, but reality is less appealing, nowadays.


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