The Right to Defend Yourself

It would be perfect if nobody had weapons. It would be perfect if nobody attacked anybody else. It would be perfect if peace reigned forever and ever and we all stood around expressing our love for one another. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

We would even sing songs about it all. Hey hang on a minute! Didn’t someone imagine such a world and didn’t we all sing along with him?

Ironically, poor John Lennon was shot to death and we all grieved for him. His song fell on deaf ears,

Some of us believed that it was the fault of the gun in the murderer’s hands. If we could only take away all the guns then we would all be safe.

Wishful thinking and deluded, in my opinion.

Alas, when I look around at the world I seriously doubt that this is ever going to happen. Yes, it’s possible to take away the guns from the moral people, but the evil ones, the crazy ones, the determined ones will always find a way to find weapons and threaten those of us who mean no harm.

It’s the way of the world and always will be, I’m afraid.

Even if we all sincerely promised to disarm and signed agreements in the U.N (lol) with one another could we in all honesty trust those who want to destroy our way of life? Could we believe them when they claim to have disarmed?

Are we really that naive?


One thought on “The Right to Defend Yourself

  1. Hi fue!
    Loved your article! I don’t believe everyone would give up their guns. I know this because some of them are related to me. (lol)
    I often think of John Lennon and his dream of a peaceful world. Alas there is not much hope for that. If you send me a short? hahaha note, I will gladly answer your e-mail. Still having fun with Windows 8 and I also have a Kindle Fire, but have only downloaded a game. I must get busy and learn the ins and outs of it so I can download at least one book to read. A lot of us have become Facebook junkies. I keep thinking I will close out my account, but it’s the only form of contact I have with a lot of my cousins and even my granddaughter prefers to us it to contact me. Aaaaaarrrrrrrgh I am not really a social media person.
    Good to catch up with you again. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Affectionate regards,
    Rosie aka wonky


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