The main problem with doctors

Went to the doctor the other day with a stomach upset which had lasted a few days. My usual doctor was unavailable so I went to another one in the same practice. He was a doctor I used to visit but decided to avoid, if possible.

I told him what had been going on for the past four days. I told him I was drinking Gastrolyte which compensates for electrolyte imbalance owing to gastric upset. I also told him that I was using Gastro-Stop for obvious reasons.

He examined me, reassured me that I was doing fine and then informed me that I should drink Gastrolyte and take Gastro-Stop to ease the symptoms.

He then took out a small slip of paper on which he wrote down two names, Gastro-Stop and Gastrolyte which he handed to me and told me to take those.

How I wish that doctors would listen to their patients!


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