Quartet, the movie- a triumph for Dustin Hoffman

When it comes to films I’m not easy to please. Blockbusters make me yawn. Adventures put me to sleep. Fantasy films and space things make me despair at the childishness of it all. I could go on and have been known to, but I’ll keep it brief because I simply want to praise Dustin Hoffman for having produced and directed an excellent film.

His film, “Quartet”, is based on a play which has been adapted for the screen. It’s good, it’s funny, it’s sad and very entertaining.

If you enjoyed “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” then you will definitely appreciate “Quartet”.

Hoffman did a great job directing the many performers in the film. The four main actors, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins and Billy Connolly form the quartet of the title.

I particularly liked Tom Courtenay’s and Pauline Collins’ excellent acting. They were superb. Maggie Smith was her usual grumpy old self and Billy Connolly was, well, Billy Connolly. I’m afraid he can’t escape his persona but he was well cast in the role.

Since the action takes place in a retirement home for aging musicians, there is some beautiful music in it and the setting is glamorous.

I don’t want to tell you any more about the film except to say that it will make you laugh, cry and reflect a little about life and how to live it.

What’s most telling is that I sat still while the credits were rolling and that’s always a sign that the film is good.

I wish there would be more films like this one instead of the rubbish that is being directed at the younger mob. I suspect that as the baby boomers keep aging more quality films will be made for that demographic and I’m looking forward to that time. Our time will come.


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