Occupy Melbourne. Just a bunch of puerile copycats!

About 100 policemen have just been brought into the city of Melbourne for a rehearsal. The Queen is coming to town tomorrow and so the protesters have decided to demonstrate against the “evil woman”, big business, small business, medium-sized business, the banking system, the weather, the price of petrol, Qantas, Israel (of course) and anything else they can think of. You name it, they’re against it.

Of course these people are not against the dole which supports them while they demonstrate. They are not against students’ allowances which support them while they lie around in the street chanting. They are not against making promises to the police that they will move on when they are asked to and then refusing to move.

So why are these stupid, stupid, spoiled brats throwing a tantrum on public property and causing problems for ordinary Melbournians downtown?

Well, they envy the uprising in the Arab countries. They envy the Wall St protesters who decided to take a stand against the government’s bail-out of big companies.

These Occupy Melbourne, Sydney, Perth etc groups of brats have very little to gripe about and this is the problem. Things are too good for them here in Australia.

If they don’t want to work, then either mummy and daddy will support them or they will get the dole. If they want to study then this will be free and they will also get paid to do so. Out of the public purse!

This sort of bludging is a shameful abuse of democracy. They throw around the term, “democracy” as if they know what it means. For them it means they want rights. The right to TAKE rather than the right to contribute. You can’t talk to these people about responsibility.

It costs a fortune to police these silly circuses, money that could be spent on the genuinely needy members of our society. But try telling that to these excrescences who will turn up tomorrow to mar the visit of the Queen.

Let’s face it, she won’t be perturbed by their carrying-on. She’s seen all sorts of spectacles in her life and had to keep a straight face when confronted by them. This won’t faze her. The police will cope too. They behaved admirably last week after the squatters broke their promise to move on when asked.

So go ahead you silly buggers, make nuisances of yourselves. You have absolutely no idea how lucky you all are to be living in Australia where the police won’t turn hoses on you, even when you deserve it.


4 thoughts on “Occupy Melbourne. Just a bunch of puerile copycats!

  1. I hate the Occupy Melbourne movement. I can understand Occupy Wallstreet, maybe America needs better social care, maybe they need to change their whole system. I don’t know I am not an american. Australia does not need this, it may be benefit from a few reforms but Occupy Melbourne does not help bring these reforms into being.


  2. These people make my blood boil, they have no defined objectives it seems than to get attention for themselves like precocious 12 year olds thinking they are so clever for their antics, I hate the fact that I have to pay so much tax, and I hate it even more that most of these scum are living off taxpayers money. If they dont like our society, then they should go live in the bush somewhere, grow their dope and enough food to keep them happy, and STOP putting their hands in the cookie jar which is our welfare system they so despise. The Fitzroy gardens are for the people, paid for by the people, not for their private usage, I cant imagine how many people who regularly use it are put off from them camping there. It is not their private backyard. Nothing but


    • Hi Mick
      The latest shenanigans committed by these “precocious kids” as you so accurately describe them was to dress up in a tent and when the tent was removed by the police that woman was in her underwear. This was meant to upset and embarrass the police. All it did, however, was demonstrate how sneaky and stupid the “scum” really are. They cost us money in welfare and they waste the police’s time. Sadly, we have to accept that they share our democracy. It’s a shame that they don’t contribute to our society at all.


  3. I am agreeing with all these comments and am ecstatic to hear that I’m no the only one that thinks this group is a load of bulls***. I hate them all and are a waste of space. Like previously said, I can understand when it happens in America but it is highly unnecessary in Australia. Majority of them are the ones taking the tax money Australian citizens provide.
    They broke several laws and the police have the authority to remove them. (: I respect all people here that disagree with this ‘occupy melborne’ movement.


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