Shame about the Gloss store at Chadstone

Thought I would buy an eyebrow pencil while shopping at the Chadstone Fashion Mall. Was told by the staff in Gloss, a cosmetics and accessory store, that there was no difference between eyebrow and eyeliner pencils. Was persuaded to buy an eyeliner. Left the store unconvinced that the advice had been correct. Decided I had better return the wrong product and was told that there would be no refund. It had been half and hour since I had been sold the wrong product.

I could get a credit or buy something else of a similar value since Gloss’s policy is “no cash refunds”. I was forced to choose something else since the young girls were adamant that Gloss does not give refunds if you have doubts about the product. Mind you, the pencil had been unopened and had not even left the shopping centre.

There was no warning in the Gloss store about not giving a refund and so this came as a surprise to me. This sort of meanness would not occur in other stores such as Priceline, for example. So in future I will shop at a store that cares about its customer service.


5 thoughts on “Shame about the Gloss store at Chadstone

  1. hahahahaha, bitch more about something so small, and staff related, not actually business related. most stores refuse refunds, but they then dont go pour out there prostate onto the internet, you sir, are hilarious


    • Many stores give a refund if the product is unsuitable. As it turned out, I asked an expert at the shopping centre whether what the Gloss staff had advised me to buy was correct and I was told that I was given the wrong advice. As for your comment about the mistake being staff related and not business related, that is not true since, apparently, it is a policy of Gloss (the same staff member told me this) “not to give refunds.” This is an unwise and customer unfriendly policy. As for your comment about “prostate”, may I suggest that you look up the meaning of “prostate.” I also don’t know why you refer to me as “sir”. Very odd indeed…


  2. Retailers are not “obliged” to refund for change of mind, interpret “change of mind”.
    They are obliged to exchange if product is faulty.
    Their third and last obligation if a product cannot be fixed is to refund.
    Consumer law for people’s information.
    They disappointed you by not refunding, your expectation was to receive a refund but by law not the reality. Other stores who immediately refund are doing so because they want to, not because they have to.


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