What is Sweden good for?

I’ve just finished watching a programme about Abba and found myself wondering what else Sweden is known for. It took me a while but I thought of Ikea. Whether that’s good or not is debatable, but I had problems with coming up with more than Stockholm Syndrome, and unsurprisingly, Seasonally Affected Disorder. And then there are the high taxes, which lead to a mass exodus of high-earning Swedes.

Some deeper reflection on the subject and I remembered Coleslaw and Smorgasbords. And that just about summed up Sweden for me. Oh yes, there’s also its policy of neutrality during the Two World Wars, similar to Switzerland’s.


2 thoughts on “What is Sweden good for?

  1. Not so much “good for’, but certainly known for Volvo (ugh)
    Ericsson phones (ok)
    and their utterly insane
    decision (since reversed)
    to phase-out nuclear
    power following the
    Three Mile Island non-
    Season’s greetings and all good wishes to both R & M


  2. We had a Volvo and a Saab once. Heavy and stodgy, describes them both. They were very noisy to drive. Absolutely lacking in pizazz, just like the Swedes themselves, yaaaah.

    All the best to you both as well. The year has passed so quickly. Seems like I was just getting used to 2010 and now it’s almost over.


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