U.K students are revolting!

Watching the news from the U.K on BBC TV is very depressing. Horrible feral mobs of students with their faces covered up remind me of the scenes in Paris when Muslim youths burned cars and attacked people a few years ago.

Since the GFC Britain has run into financial trouble. It has many people on social welfare. It has a huge and demanding national health system and it has a large migrant population which it has to support as well.

So the government has decided that it can no longer subsidise an almost free tertiary education scheme. The fees have gone up and are still very reasonable. These fees don’t have to be repaid until the graduates are earning a certain amount of money per year. So it’s not as if the students have to find the money to pay for their education up front. By the look of the U.K economy the graduates will probably not find a job and so will never have to repay their debt, anyhow.

Students in the U.S and Australia would love to have such a small repayment as the Brits have. Those revolting students have had it easy for a long time. They are spoiled and so don’t give a damn about the rest of the U.K. What do they care about the financial deficit of their country?

This is certainly not like the Brits during the blitz. At a time of crisis the Brits stoically made do with the little they had. There wasn’t much but they managed.

Their grandchildren are a different species, however. Not for them a commitment to their country and not for them a sense of duty. They want it all and they want it for free.

So why are these young people so different? Well, the simple answer is that many of them are not British. They came to Britain for the easy life and the social services. It was not a question of “what you can do for your country” as President Kennedy once said, but “what the country can do for you.”

With such an attitude, they are clogging the streets, burning cars, attacking public buildings and even attacking the royal family with shouts of “Hang the Royals!”

The fact that they are covering their faces during their revolt makes me wonder how many of them have been organised by someone else. How many of them are genuine students?

I sincerely believe that you don’t appreciate what you get for free. In life everything has a cost and if you want it you have to be prepared to pay for it, either by working for it or in money terms.

Whilst every child in the country deserves a free education, this should not apply to tertiary education. If you are poor but bright then you should go for a scholarship. That’s what I did and I got one. If you don’t have a scholarship then you should be prepared to repay a small part of your tuition fees following your graduation. This is what happens in Australia and it seems to be a fair system.

Basically it’s similar to the British system, except that the Brits have to repay a lot less.

What a bunch of whiners they are! What a shameful example of the downside of the welfare state! Violent, greedy and stupid, the demonstrators will bring the country to its knees and not give a damn. Thank goodness I don’t have to teach them cause they make me sick.


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