More passport forgeries but this time it’s okay, isn’t it?

When Israel was accused of forging passports you would have thought that the world was about to explode. So much indignation! How could Israel commit such an outrage? Ireland was annoyed, the UK was annoyed, France was annoyed. And ex Prime Minister Rudd was annoyed.

Well, well, well, now that the spy saga in the U.S and Russia has come to light and spies have been returned to their state of origin, we discover that these spies held forged passports.

Dear me, they used Irish, British and Canadian false passports. So what’s the reaction of the world? Apparently, the rest of the world is amused. Joe Biden makes jokes on the Jay Leno Show. Not a whisper of outrage at the use of forged passports and spying that’s been going between two so-called friends.

It seems that it’s okay to forge identities and passports, but not if you are Israeli.

Talk about hypocrites!!!


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