The Two Faces of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

I am astounded by the declaration this morning that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud of the actions of activist Peter Bethune. In fact, they will give him a hero’s welcome back home when he returns from Japan.

How can one believe anything that this organisation says when in June this is what they said?

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has cut its links with anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune after he carried a bow and arrows during confrontations with Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.

Below is what they wrote on the Society’s website, according to the ABC report on June 9 of this year

The bow and arrows revealed to be on the Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil, and in the possession of Captain Bethune on that ship, are absolutely not in line with Sea Shepherd’s policy,” the statement reads.

This morning on the ABC the spokesman for the Society revealed his forked tongue, when he admitted that the above statements were a ploy to get Bethune off. I can’t quite understand how that would work but they obviously are still trying to pretend that they are a peaceful organisation. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Suddenly they are proud to align themselves with a man who behaved like a pirate and threatened the crew of a boat he boarded illegally.

What sort of friends are these activists who are ready to distance themselves from one of their heroes when he’s in trouble? And yet when he gets off with a very lenient judgement, a suspended sentence, they pretend that they support him totally?

All better now?

I don’t think so. This organisation has blotted its reputation by admitting to lying.

It is thanks to the Japanese that Bethune is not in jail. No thanks to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, though, for abandoning him.


4 thoughts on “The Two Faces of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  1. Did you really ever think that there was any creature with a brain or an atom of conscience among that gang of fanatics???


  2. No Max, I didn’t. You should have heard that guy make a fool of himself on TV this morning. You may be interested in reading what Melanie Phillips has to say about people like that getting away with all sorts of violent behaviour in the UK.


  3. Yes Lili-reckon MP’s right on the money.You no doubt heard recently abt the english family in fear for their very lives from the actions of anti-foxhunting clowns who are persecuting them because the urban-dwelling fox that invaded their home and chewed up their baby daughter’s face had been caught and shot!!!


  4. Glad you liked what Melanie says. Things are so bad in the UK that I know of some people who told me that they wouldn’t want to live there any more. It’s been overtaken by PC and other diseases. Democracy is being abused by those who don’t respect it but use it to maintain their right to abuse it. Democracy is being hoisted by its own petard.

    I am no longer of this world, Max. And yes, as you have said, common sense is dead.


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