Why Kevin Rudd should not be Australia’s new Foreign Minister

The position of Foreign Minister should be given to someone who has the respect of other nations. Rudd, with his grandstanding on the world stage and embarrassing demeanour, should not be representing us in such an important position.

Moreover, Rudd is now regarded by Australia and the rest of the world (that’s if anyone else really cares about Australia) as a loser and so has no credibility in that representative role.

How can one introduce him as Foreign Minister after he has been kicked out of the Prime Minister’s office?

Julia Gillard is now in a bind because she has, no doubt, promised Rudd something so that he would leave without a fuss.

She could make him our ambassador to the U.N so that he can pal up with his friends there. The U.N is a circus with no credibility so it would suit Rudd perfectly, in my opinion.


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