Cameron Cook, you should have cried.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Bikeway rapist who had his sentence reduced because he showed remorse. I said then that I was fed up with this silly ploy of boo hoo hooing to get the judge’s sympathy.

Well, today, Cameron Cook was convicted of trying to murder his wife by chaining himself and her to a car and driving the car off a pier. Something went wrong and he failed in his mission to take her with him when he tried unsuccessfully to kill himself.

He got a minimum of 12 years because he stupidly showed no remorse. He even threatened to finish the job properly when he gets out of jail. Now that was an unwise threat to make in front of Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth, wasn’t it?

Cook is a former cop and solicitor who should have known better than to express his true feelings in court. He certainly was let down by his defence team, wasn’t he?


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