How the media twisted Tony Abbott’s words about virginity

The Liberal leader said today his remarks were an honest answer to a question about the advice he would give his own daughters.

“I was trying to honestly answer a series of questions and as the parent of teenage kids I wrestle with these things, I think all parents do,” he told Radio 2GB.

I don’t know of any father who would advise his daughters to screw around, except perhaps Josef Fritzel. So why would Julia Gillard and the media try to twist his words just to make a story out of nothing? Abbott was asked about his feelings for his daughters. He was asked about advice he would give to them regarding sex.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a father expressing a hope that his daughters would behave with some self-respect instead of sleeping around too early as many teenagers do.

I think it is admirable that he cares enough about his daughters to show concern. He was not giving a lecture about women or sex. He was answering a simple question about his wishes. Whether his daughters will listen to him or not is up to them, but at least they can be confident that their father gives a damn.

Let’s face it, if women were more self-respecting, there would be fewer unwanted births and abortions and there would be fewer cases of venereal disease.

As for Prime Minister Rudd’s comments about Abbott’s advice, this is what Rudd said on Radio 6PR

“You know something? I don’t think my job as Prime Minister is to provide individual, personal, moral advice for the young people of Australia,”
That’s something for them themselves to sort out with their friends, with their families, with their mums and their dads.”

Well gee, isn’t that what Abbott was doing? Sorting it out with his family? I am totally fed up with the way the media twists facts just to get a story. What should Abbott have said? Perhaps something along the lines of Rudd’s “You know something? I don’t think my job as a parent is to give moral advice to my daughters.” How would that have gone down?

Speaking of family, the Prime Minister has nothing to crow about when his own nephew struts around in KKK costume. I bet Julia Gillard won’t dare say a word about that disgusting behaviour.


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