As usual the U.S comes to the aid of a needy nation, Haiti.

I bet when all this Haiti crisis is over, the world will again start blaming the U.S for everything. The U.S is donating so much money, at least half a billion dollars and so much medical and logistical aid that the mind boggles at the generosity of just one nation.

So what will the world’s reaction to all this be? Well, there will be criticism that it took too long. For crying out loud, it was almost impossible to get through with the aid! And the U.S jumped into action immediately.

I have been looking at the list of donors and still Saudi Arabia and Iran are absent. I think I know why that is the case. Saudi Arabia is busy funding terrorism all over the world and Iran is doing likewise for Hamas and Hezbollah. That’s where those Muslim nations direct their finances.

Isn’t it about time that the critics of North America looked at themselves in the mirror? Haiti has no oil, no resources of any kind and yet the U.S is doing its utmost to help. God bless America!

Since The Guardian newspaper refuses to acknowledge Israel’s help in this crisis, I invite you to look at this YouTube video.


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