Kevin Rudd brings out the big guns at Copenhagen

We know that the Copenhagen Climate Catastrophe is failing when Prime Minister Rudd has to resort to quoting the advice of a six-year old kid called Gracie. When I heard Kevin reading a message from Gracie, I winced, I cringed, I shook my head in embarrassment. I can imagine the “hard-hearted” Chinese delegates muttering “Who is this Glacie?” This sort of stuff is undignified.

On reflection, perhaps it suits the atmosphere at Copenhagen with all those peace-loving protesters pelting one another. Undignified and unsurprising

To conclude that Copenhagen is a total failure is not quite true, however. It has brought lots of cash to the Danish nation. It will bring lots of cash to the Mexican nation next year when the climate change juggernaut heads there.

I wonder if it’s time we referred to the climate change talks as a roadmap???


One thought on “Kevin Rudd brings out the big guns at Copenhagen

  1. I wonder to how many speechmakers in Copenhagen did little Kevvy show his back, or does he only show his contempt to Australians?
    Didn’t see wifey there or did she spend her time eating her way through all the Danish bakeries?


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