Another wall on the Gaza border

What will the world media say about the latest wall being constructed on the Gaza border? I can’t hear any outcry nor complaints from all those who condemned the security barrier in Israel, the one that had to be built to keep out the suicide bombers.

This morning, 10th December, I googled to find any report about this new wall in the Australian media and found zilch.

Why not? Well, because this time it is being constructed by Egypt to stop the Palestinian smugglers bringing all sorts of stuff including weapons out of Egypt into Gaza. The other reason is that Egypt does not want Palestinians entering its country illegally. The wall will be made of steel. It will also go down about 18 metres underground to stop the Gazans from digging beneath it.

It’s always one rule for the Muslims and their supporters and another for Israel, isn’t it? Take the latest attack by “insurgents” on a school in Iraq. Children were blown up in the schoolyard, all victims of their fellow Muslims. I haven’t heard any outrage from the Muslim community. It was just reported by journalists without any commentary.

Very interesting, isn’t it how if an Israeli farts it’s an attack on the environment, but when Muslims massacre their own, it’s quite ok. Perhaps that’s because when a Muslim commits an heinous crime it’s what the rest of the world and the Muslims themselves have come to expect. It’s not a surprise.

p.s Just read an Arab blog which discusses the new tunnel. Apparently this is a ploy by the Israelis to stop the Gazans from smuggling food. Does this mean that the Egyptians are quite happy to see their fellow Muslims starve? Isn’t that what I just wrote about in my blog?


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