Can Obama talk a lot? Yes he can.

In his latest speech today, the one about Iran and the nukes and good old Mr El Baradei, President Obama said “talk is no substitute for action.” Well, you could have fooled me because all we have witnessed from the U.S President is talk, talk and more talk and he’s correct when he says it’s no substitute for action. So where is the action?

He is talking with everybody and with all this talk comes a sense that he’s unwilling to act. He’s the sort of person who keeps threatening his opponents with more dialogue and it’s as if he’s playing for time. Is he really that naive to think that Iran is going to stop producing weapons-strength uranium? Is he hoping that something bad will happen to the Iranian leadership so that he will not have to act?

Perhaps he’s just going to bore the opposition to death with his speeches and jingles and slogans. Can he do that? Yes he can. The speeches are pretty, Mr President, but it’s enough already because you are appearing weak and hesitant and that’s not good.

Iran will not take Obama seriously because the Iranians have sussed out that this is a talking president and not one who acts. Once that impression has been made no amount of warnings will change anything. Iran will simply build more secret nuclear reactors and thumb its collective noses at the U.S President.

Pity about that when we hoped something good would come from this new U.S government.


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