Mineral makeup-a warning!

For the past year I noticed that my facial complexion was peeling constantly. It was very irritating. I put it down to Melbourne weather as one does. Finally, I went to a beautician and asked her why my skin was peeling all the time. She asked me what I use on my skin and I told her “mineral makeup”. Her eyebrows shot up, her eyes widened in horror as if she’d just been offered treatment from Michael Jackson’s personal physician.

It turns out that mineral makeup is only suitable for teenagers with oily skin. I am not a teenager. According to her, mineral makeup should be avoided by anyone over the age of 20 as it is very drying. I am well over the age of 20 and until I used mineral makeup had never had a problem with peeling skin.

So I decided to read up on it on the internet. Here is a hyperlink to a health site about mineral makeup.

I wonder how many women out there are suffering dry skin problems because they fell for the hype.

Since giving up mineral makeup a few days ago my skin has stopped peeling. There’s definite improvement there. Can’t say the same for Melbourne weather, though.


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