A cover-up job’s a good idea.

Here we go again. More Muslim bashing. Apparently, some swimming pool authorities somewhere in France are complaining that Muslim women who wear full cover-up outfits for swimming are being unhygienic. I don’t quite see why, but that’s what the news ticker tape read this morning.

According to a report on the Fox Channel modesty also obliges Muslim men to be covered from the naval downwards. I think they meant “navel” but you never know with these ticker tape announcements as they usually don’t make sense.

Muslim women are meant to be covered from the neck to the ankles and I’m all for that, but not for religious reasons and I think many people who aren’t even Muslims should follow suit.

One observes such revolting bodies exposed on the beach that for aesthetic reasons they should refrain from revealing themselves in public. I would go further and suggest that some of them should wear a paper bag over their heads as well and stop polluting the panorama.

However, we in the West live in free and democratic societies and I suppose if we want to parade our imperfections and spoil the scenery then we are free to do so. More’s the pity.


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