David Jones’s profit up but service is down

There was a time when going to David Jones, one of Australia’s leading department stores, was a pleasure. You were guaranteed great service and a wonderful choice of products. Those days are long gone.

Apparently, the David Jones stores are doing well as a result of the government’s stimulus package and the constant reductions in prices. However, I’m not impressed and it’s all because David Jones has cut down on staff which has led to a decline in service.

Even if you do find something worth buying you have to wander around the store in search of a salesperson to take your money. There simply isn’t anyone around. And please don’t expect anyone to tell you where to find a certain item. Even if you find an employee you will be told, ‘Sorry, it’s not my department. Why don’t you try over there?”

For the first time in my life, I am actually getting more service at Myer’s than at David Jones. And so because of that I tend towards Myer when I need a particular product. It simply isn’t worth hunting around for help at D.J’s

The last time that I had such a problem with a department store was in Dallas, Texas, at a store called Dillard’s. We had to serve ourselves and there was nobody around to take our credit card, so we left. Some time later we heard that Dillard’s was in financial trouble and it didn’t surprise us.

Consequently, when I hear that David Jones has cut down on staff and is proud of its increased profits, I’m not at all encouraged. I can’t be the only person in the world who appreciates good service.

You can’t beat personal attention for repeat business and so I predict that this change in D.J policy will not do the store any good in the long run.


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